Our approach to formulation is simple:

We only use ingredients that are clean and effective and biocompatible to the skin. Our formulas both support and work in synergy with the skin, thus enhancing the skin’s own health and biological processes.

 What is biocompatibility ?

At Botnal, we use natural ingredients, along with ingredients derived from natural origins that the body can recognise, process, and use efficiently, without irritation, sensitisation, or disruption of the skin.

Biocompatibility goes beyond “natural” and “clean” beauty, encompassing both botanical and safe ingredients derived from natural origins that are proven to work. 

Biocompatibility can be seen as an umbrella, encompassing clean and efficacious skincare. There are many facets to biocompatibility, many containing the prefix “bio,” meaning “life,” since skin is a living organ. We will take a look into the complexity of biocompatibility through the study of some of its many facets, which alone make for good skincare products, but together make for great “life”-changing products.


This is the start of our sustainable journey and we continuously want to make choices and help you make choices that keep your skin, environment and planet healthy 

1% of our sale proceeds are directed towards sustainability initiatives and communities and organisations that are building a better world for the underrepresented.


Sustainability Mission:

All our packaging is made from 100% biodegradable material. Our boxes are made from paper and our jars and bottles are either glass or made from PET which is 100% recyclable

To upcyle our jars and bottles can be used reused as jewellery holders, vases or repurposed



Cruelty Free: 

100% of all our products are cruelty free. WE PROHIBIT TESTING ON ANIMALS















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