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Botnal is an imitation of the nature and its perfect rhythms. We learn from nature to formulate skin care products that are effective, clean and caring. Our products are formulated with ingredients that are unique and effective. We constantly experiment with new combinations so that your skin can unzip its best health. Botnal is interested in starting honest conversations about skin issues and the journey so far.

Botnal is:
B for Boundless as the skin
O for Original in its formulations
T for Tender and loving on skin
N for Natural ingredients
A for Adventurous in its formulations and constantly exploring new combinations
L for (Self) love because nothing can sustain without it

Our products are blended with the goal that they serve all genders and age groups. Our product line features cleansing butters, essence skincare such as; hydrating and plumping essences, blemish essences, re-texturising essences, detox serums, beard softeners, night creams and even neck creams. To devote special attention to the environment our packaging is entirely made from sustainable and recyclable materials.

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