Founder's Note


Our daily skin care regimes tend to be the one of the most important moments of the day. It is an expression of self love, the time of the day carved out to take care of oneself. No wonder, skin care products with yummy names and creative formulations populate the market. But are they really working for you?

Botnal isn’t your usual skincare brand, here we are fully committed to knit a community where it is safe for everyone to share your skincare stories and find empowerment in the skin you live in, just like I did.

For the longest time, my skin was smothered by products that lead to break outs and scars. I felt low, devoid of confidence and my skin issues largely dominated my life.

I had a stable path laid out for me in the corporate financial industry, but soon I was reading books over books on skin care ingredients and making formulas in my kitchen that transformed my skin. I knew my calling was to make people feel empowered in the skin they are wrapped in.

This lead me on a journey to find products that are potent yet skin loving. I read up extensively on natural ingredients from across the globe and what I discovered made me more passionate and determined. Did you know that nature is a store house of active ingredients that are effective, clean and caring? This knowledge lead me to collaborate with skin experts to create blends and formulations that worked for every skin type and thus Botnal was created.

As the products took shape we discussed deeply about skin in itself. Where skin care ends, skin stories begin and we unanimously agreed that we want to go beyond just being a skin care brand. Botnal is committed to knitting a community where it is safe to tell your stories and find empowerment in the skin you live in. It doesn’t matter where your journey began, you are here now and we want to start a conversation with you. Skin unites, not divides.

Botnal is :

B for Boundless as the skin

O for Original in its formulations

T for Tender and loving on skin

N for Natural ingredients

A for Adventurous in its formulations and constantly exploring new combinations

L for (Self) love because nothing can sustain without it

It doesn’t matter where your journey began, you are here with us now and we want to start a conversation with you. Our products are natural, clean and effective and serves all genders and age groups. I hope 
that at Botnal you will find a safe harbour to live in your skin with power and love.