About Us


Skin care is an expression of self love. It is no secret that the daily skin care regime is extremely important to many, the time in the day when you look at your  bare skin straight in the mirror and reflect. How our skin feels and exhibits our  body, impacts all that matters in our lives. Whether it be our work OR our  relationships with family & friends. This is precisely why only the best products  may partake in the skin care routine.

Botnal is an imitation of the nature and its perfect rhythms. We learn from nature to formulate skin care products that are effective, clean and caring. At this point you must be thinking (or saying aloud) - I have natural skin care lying by the dozens on my dresser, what makes Botnal worth my time?  

Our products are formulated with ingredients that are unique and effective. We constantly experiment with new combinations so that your skin can unzip its best health. Botnal is interested in starting honest conversations about skin issues and the journey so far. It is about telling stories through skincare. Sure, there is diversity in skin types but the need to take care of every skin unites us together. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, what the colour of your skin is, whether it is wrinkled or scarred, which race or community you belong to - if you are passionate about skincare we are here to start a conversation with you. Why? 

Because for a long time many of us have felt left out of the skin care narrative, smothered with lotions and potions that couldn’t care less about the journeys of our skin. Botnal wants to knit a community where each skin type is catered to, and every individuality in skin care is recognised. We want to create a safe haven where it is safe to tell your stories and find empowerment in the skin you live in. 

Join us in a journey of sharing, finding, crying and laughing through stories that make you YOU.