Botnal’s skincare range is a step closer to sustainable and clean beauty

Botnal is a natural and sustainable skincare brand that was founded in 2021 with the goal of creating organic, unique, and clean beauty products. Botnal stands for Botanical and Natural, and the brand’s mission is to build a community of people who want to be confident in their own skin, while staying sustainable with the products they use. 

Botnal’s idea was incepted in 2019 and it started from a personal story. Botnal’s founder, Hemangi Dhir, suffered from numerous skin problems that caused her skin to flare up for a long period. She tried everything, from dermatologists, 10-step skincare programme, to remedies suggested by family and friends. But the chemicals in all the products just made her skin worse. She eventually began researching natural skin care ingredients and discovered that every chemical element had a natural counterpart. She began preparing DIY packs and formulae in her kitchen, which treated her skin and introduced her to skincare that is potent yet natural.

Botnal’s products do not contain harsh and toxic ingredients and are formulated with natural blends and concotions that are lab-tested, unique and effective, to heal your skin naturally. The products are also cruelty-free because neither the finished products nor materials are tested on animals.

Apart from giving products that not only heal skin but also reinstate self-confidence, Botnal strives to lower the carbon footprint of anyone associated with the brand. Employing reusable and recyclable packaging made of glass or PET bottles, the brand works on being as eco- friendly and sustainable as possible.

Speaking of the initiative and her journey to make Botnal affordable for the Indian market, founder Hemangi Dhir said, “This is what we’re moving towards and it’s very tough mainly because its expensive. For the Indian market, the average price per person is not more than

500 to 600 rupees a product. Keeping that is a challenge. Moreover, the skincare market is very saturated, but it’s saturated with the same product. Right now, it’s serums – it seems like every brand has more than one serum. My approach is all about the blue ocean strategy and I’m trying to fill all the gaps. I may have launched with eight products, but they are all quite niche.”

Joining hands with Lifestyle Asia India, Botnal celebrated this World Environment Day with a giveaway that included products from their skincare range. The winner for the same was selected with a screening process. The lucky winners Aditi Sharma spoke of sustainability and small changes that constant a ripple effect to save the environment.

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