Did you know signs of aging show first on our neck? Here are neck skin care tips

The neck is a very sensitive yet often ignored part of the body. It is subject to harsh external factors, and must be given the same care as the face since the signs of aging usually show first on the neck. Check out these neck skin care tips by experts. Beauty experts assert that properly cleansing our neck and chest is as important as cleansing our face, which includes applying sunscreen as well but not harsh peels and exfoliants as this area of our skin is more delicate. While most of us have a seasonal skin care routine for our face, we tend to ignore our neck and that results in discoloration, crepiness, redness or even tech neck, which are basically horizontal lines from overworking our neck muscles.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Hemangi Dhir, Founder of Botnal, shared, “Signs of aging usually show first on the neck because people often seem to forget using products on their neck. The skin cells on your décolletage turn over more slowly than those on your face, night-time is when cells regenerate so consider getting ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help with collagen production and elastin."
She revealed, “Neck creams are thicker than face creams and have ingredients that help lift and tighten the neck skin that loses collagen and elastin over time. Also ingredients like prickly pear which is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and also fatty acids help to restore the skin barrier.”

Echoing the same, Kanishka Jain, Founder of Dromen & Co, insisted, “Most
people tend to ignore the neck. So, one should always apply serum, moisturiser and sunscreen on the neck as well.”

Sejal Kothary, Founder of SeeLove, advised, “The tech neck we all face today is not only bad for our posture but also doesn’t add any grace to the body. A few tricks we can use - look forward not down, elevate your computer to eye level, neck stretches every hour and remember to massage your neck with cream or oil upwards. Adding tools like the Gua sha to the routine also make it a lot of fun.”

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