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Acne Combo Kit For Blemishes and Dark Spots

Acne Combo Kit For Blemishes and Dark Spots

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Acne Combo Kit:  Garden Aperitif (Vitamin C Acne Serum) + Forty Winks (Bakuchiol Night Cream)


  • Full Description

    The Acne Combo kit helps to fade dark spots caused due to acne, blemishes, uneven skin tone and texture
    The Acne Combo kit is especially curated for sensitive and sane prone-skin. Garden Aperitif - Blemish Essence is the best Vitamin C face serum that targets blemishes and dark spots and Forty Winks night cream restores the skin’s freshness and plump look by reducing fine lines, stealing hydration and maintaining the skin’s barrier

  • Directions For Use

    1. Use AM and PM
    2. After cleansing and toning take a few drops of Garden Aperitif essence / serum on the palm of your hand or on a soft cotton pad and gently pat all over face or on dark spots - Follow up with with the Forty Winks moisturizer
    3. Apply the moisturizer evenly on your face and gently massage in an upward circular motions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kabita Singh
best combo

Combo kit of this brand prevents acne and wipes off excess oil. Very good one! My skin will be acne free soon enough.

Ashwin Nair
Superb combo kit

Really nice product, helped in reducing my acne

Rajni Malhotra
Good product ✌️

This anti acne kit has been very helpful for my acne free skin journey.

Aishwarya kumari
best combo kit ever

Awesome product to remove acne and pimple marks. My acne marks have started to fade within 2 weeks of application. From my personal experiance this the best combo kit for acne, i was so worried about my acne but after trying this one am so happy.

Shruti jha
Very good product

Very good acne marks removal cream and serum worth buying it thank to BOTNAL and others who involved in making this acne removal cream, serum and to deliver it to my home. Quality of this acne cream very good and i am fully satisfied with these products. If you are looking for a product which is extremely useful for acne spot removal, go for this one.