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Acne Combo Kit For Blemishes and Dark Spots

Acne Combo Kit For Blemishes and Dark Spots

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Acne Combo Kit:Ā  Garden Aperitif (Vitamin C Acne Serum) + Forty Winks (Bakuchiol Night Cream)

The Acne Combo kit helps to fade dark spots caused due to acne, blemishes, uneven skin tone and textureĀ 

The Acne Combo kit is especially curated for sensitive and sane prone-skin. Garden Aperitif - Blemish Essence is the best Vitamin C face serum that targets blemishes and dark spots and Forty Winks night cream restores the skinā€™s freshness and plump look by reducing fine lines, stealing hydration and maintaining the skinā€™s barrier

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Kritika Nath Said -

"The Forty Winks - Night Cream is a must use product for my skin it provides extra nourishment and hydrates the skin"!

Siya Chauhan Said-"

"It truly is the best vitamin C serum for sensitive skin. I've found my skincare soul mate"!


Garden Aperitif: Vitamin C serum that targets blemishes and dark spots.Ā Made with Evening Primrose and Green Tea extract

KEY INGREDIENTS :Ā Primrose Extract, Green Tea Extract and Orange Extract

1. Evening Primrose:Ā Non-fragrant plant oil whose fatty acids have significant skin-soothing and emollient benefits for skin while also helping ward-off pore clogging bacteria

2. Green Tea Extract:Ā A miracle skincare ingredient that helps improve skinā€™s natural moisture, fight blemishes, reduce inflammation all while soothing and calming the skinĀ  Ā Ā 

3. Orange Extract:Ā A rich source of Vitamin C, orange extract helps prevent and reduce blemishes while also helping even out skin tone. This citrus burst is known for its anti-inflammatory and emollient characteristics

Forty Winks: An all in one- night cream for your skinā€™s overnight repairĀ Made with Bakuchiol and Prickly Pear

KEY INGREDIENTS: Prickly Pear and Bakuchiol

1. Bakuchiol: Is derived from the Ayurvedic Babchi plant and is impressively effective in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Prickly Pear: A type of cactus originating from Mexico, rich in omega 6 and 9 and vita-min E promotes faster cell turnover.


1.Ā Use AM and PMĀ 

2. After cleansing and toning take a few drops of Garden Aperitif essence / serum on the palm of your hand or on a soft cotton pad and gently pat all over face or on dark spots - Follow up with with the Forty Winks moisturizer

3. Apply the moisturizer evenly on your face and gently massage in an upward circular motions


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